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Advanced Entrepreneurship Skills

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate


In-person, Online


Catonsville, Online

A small business owner or entrepreneur is responsible for the growth, overall direction, and everyday operation of a business. Successful entrepreneurs use business knowledge and skills to create a business and effectively overcome challenges that face their establishment. Entrepreneurs assume the risk and accountability associated with establishing and growing a new business. Specific activities vary according to the business' size and industry and may include: reviewing sales reports, profit and loss statements, and other financial reports; hiring, training, and managing staff; understanding federal, state, and local laws; marketing; and directing activities for sales or production staff.

In this course series, students will develop a foundation of valuable skills necessary to take their business to the next level, or expand the income potential for their gig work or hobby. This program features courses for an owner of an existing business: the entrepreneurial mindset, recognizing opportunity and taking action, market research, basic accounting principles, functions of business plans, business insurance basics, employment law basics, and more.

Students entering this program should have ​good planning and organizational skills; strong oral and written communication skills; strong interpersonal skills; good problem solving skills; and be self-directed.​

​Students will be better prepared to grow or expand their business entity or manage a small business. Careers in this field are available in a broad range of privately held companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Additional​ career information may be found in Career Coach:

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SBA034 Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Mindset 5 Material included.



SBA035 Entrepreneurship Essentials 36 Material included



Course Series Totals: 41



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