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Central Service Technician

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate




Essex, Randallstown

The Central Service Technician works in hospitals and surgical centers and plays a critical role in preventing and controlling infection by sterilizing, cleaning, processing, assembling, storing, and distributing medical supplies. Central Service Technician have very little direct patient contact. Work in the sterile processing department entails cleaning and decontaminating surgical instruments where the technician is exposed to blood, bodily fluid, or harsh cleaning agents and often needs to wear personal protective equipment. The technician is tasked to carefully inspect instruments which requires a high level of concentration, and to distribute supplies throughout the facility which can involve heavy lifting.

The Central Service Technician program teaches the student the principles and methods of infection control. The student will review types of surgical instruments, their use, and how to clean and decontaminate them. They will learn how to inspect instruments, and how to assemble, package and safely transport them throughout the healthcare facility. At the end of the program the student will be eligible to sit for the national CRCST certification exam administered by the HSPA.

Students entering this program need to be dedicated to their studies, attending all in-person classes and have computer and internet access for their homework. The Central Service Technician needs to be able to stand or sit for long hours while constantly being focused on the task at hand. The technician needs to have a high level of work ethic since failure to perform according to protocol can have far-reaching consequences for the patients.​

Central Service Technician have an excellent career outlook. Demand for certified technicians has been consistently high with new technologies expanding the tasks of the sterile processing department.

Program Course Sequence

It is highly recommended that students complete Medical Terminology BEFORE starting Central Service Technician Classroom.

Registration information for the four CST Clinical classes will be distributed at the end of the Central Service Technician Classroom class.

CPR and First Aid classes REQUIRE 100% attendance. Students arriving late to class will not be admitted. Late arrival to or early exit from class will also result in a failing grade and no refund. Students will then be required to retake the class at their expense.

Course Number

Course Title

Course Hours

Textbook Information

(approximate cost; subject to change)



AHE 534



Medical Terminology for Health Occupations

Medical Terminology for Health Occupations ONLINE



Programmed Learning Approach to Medical Terminology, Third Edition​

ISBN-13: 9781284224825

Price is $91.95

T- $99/F - $230


CPR for Health Care Providers


Textbook provided on first day of class, included in program


T- $33/F- $76

AHL045 ​Central Service Technician Classroom 72​ Textbook provided on first day of class, included in program $769
T- $231F- $538
AHL046 ​Central Service Technician Clinical I ​100


T- $99/F- $230

AHL047 ​Central Service Technician Clinical II 100​



AHL048 ​Central Service Technician Clinical III 100​



AHL049 ​Central Service Technician Clinical IV ​100 Fee for CRCST certification exam included in class



Program Series Total: 509 $91.95

​ $2,195


All courses must be finished for successful completion

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