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Dental Assisting Maryland General Expanded Functions

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate




Dundalk, Randallstown

A Maryland General Expanded Functions Assistant is a dental assistant who may perform selected intraoral functions. An EFDA is a dental assistant who performs expanded functions. Each state has different allowable duties, but some examples of expanded functions are applying sealants, taking impressions, performing coronal polishing, applying topical anesthetic or applying topical fluoride, to name a few. This course instructs the students in the theory and techniques used to perform general expanded functions approved by the State Board of Dental Examiners, and it prepares them to take the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners General Expanded Functions Examination. This program includes a clinical training component. Students will complete the theory portion of the class online, but they must be employed in a general dental practice where the supervising dentist agrees to verify their clinical skills practice.​

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AHL 754

Maryland General Expanded Functions


Modern Dental Assisting; 13th Edition; written by Bird & Robinson; published by Elsevier; ISBN 9780323624855; $140.00



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