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Fitness Trainer: Personal

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate


In-person, Online


Catonsville, Essex, Owings Mills, Online

Personal Fitness Trainers coach or instruct groups or individuals in exercise activities. They demonstrate techniques and form, observe participants, and explain corrective measures necessary to improve participants' skills. Design and execute individual and small group fitness goals in a healthy and safe manner and conduct screenings and assessments to understand the needs of the client.

This program features entry-level skills needed to work in athletic centers, gyms, senior centers, recreation centers, and private clients' homes. Maintain a level of client confidentiality, personal integrity, and professional standards.

Meet the eligibility requirements to be certified as a personal fitness instructor through AAAI/ISMA.

Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a projected growth of 11% or higher. Employment trends represent the estimated change in total employment from 2021-2031.

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Personal Fitness Trainer Certification


Studies in Exercise Science and Personal Fitness Trainer Supplement;

$44 for both. Both study guides must be purchased and read prior to the start of class.




Personal Fitness Trainer: Phase II (Master Personal Trainer)


Advanced Personal Fitness Training by Joe Cannon; $29. This study guide must be purchased and read prior to the start of class.



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A stringent attendance policy will be enforced.

Students who earn a minimum score of 80% on the written exam and a passing grade of "CC" for completing the course will receive their certification.

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