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Registered Apprenticeships

Continuing Education Workforce Certificate





This program listing focuses on registered apprenticeships in building and construction trades, often referred to as traditional​ apprenticeships. (Note there are also non-traditional apprenticeships in industry sectors such as manufacturing and health care that are associated with other program listings.) Apprentices in this program listing gain an opportunity to work in well-paying jobs such as a sheet metal worker, operating engineer, electrician, plumber and steamfitter, carpenter and other skilled construction trade occupations.

Work full-time as an apprentice and take a structured series of courses which includes content that supports the tasks you perform at work. Each apprenticeship offers a specialized program that will take from three to five years to complete and leads to a Journeyperson certificate.​ Apprenticeship opportunities involve paid employment and structured education that will lead to higher salary, greater skill, and the possibility of earning a degree. Apprentices apply through and are selected by the apprenticeship sponsor / committee. When apprentices are accepted into the program, they begin taking classes through CCBC and working full-time under the supervision of a trained journeyperson. It is not necessary to be employed when applying; sponsors will dispatch apprentices to a participating employer once they are selected for admission and begin their apprenticeship. Students entering this program should have a strong sense of self-discipline; good math skills; reading and spatial relations skills; enjoy variety; and like to use their hands and mind.

Journey-level tradespeople have the opportunity to work all over the country or the world. They can also become supervisors, owners, inspectors and instructors. Additional career information may be found in Career Coach:​

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