Transportation, Distribution, and Maritime Logistics Certificate, Credit Certificate

The TDML certificate outlines a curriculum of specialized course concentrations in the transportation, distribution, and logistics field. This certificate is designed primarily for students focusing on the core TDML courses such as Domestic and International Freight Operations, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Transportation and work-based learning opportunities. There are 21 credits required for the certificate program.

A certificate will be awarded to those students who complete all courses while achieving a 2.0 GPA or higher. At least 25% of the required credits must be completed while enrolled at CCBC.

Program objectives

Upon successful completion of the Transportation, Distribution, and Maritime Logistics certificate program, students will be able to:

  1. analyze the process and functions of the various components of transportation, distribution, and logistics concepts designed to promote strategic thinking;
  2. compare and contrast the forms of domestic and global commercial transportation and identify how the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each mode of global transportation influences the global economy;
  3. analyze the relationship between ethics, diplomacy, team work, and legal issues, and how these changing paradigms impact the human resource management of a culturally diverse workforce;
  4. develop a supply chain management plan for the distribution and transportation of goods;
  5. create, design, and critique technological solutions to common transportation, distribution, and logistical issues that confront industry management;
  6. compare and contrast the forms of Domestic Freight Operations and identify how the key components of product, price, place, and promotion influence their success; and
  7. evaluate the process and functions of logistics and principal factors that achieve tactical and strategic advantages in the global marketplace.

Total Number of Credits Required for Certificate: 21*

Semester Sequence

Important Information

Short Description

The certificate program prepares students seeking employment in freight transportation and supply chain management and for those who are already employed and who wish to upgrade their skills. Graduates of this program cover Logistics, Domestic and International Transportation, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics Technology.

Type of Credential

Credit Certificate

Program Code


Contacts and Additional Information

Department Chair:
Mark Williams
443-840-4334 or

Program Director:
Kipp Snow
443-840-3034 or

Additional Information:


Courses Needed for This Program*


*Credit students who are new to college (no successfully completed transferable college credits from other institutions) are required to take ACDV 101 - Academic Development: Transitioning to College. This 1-credit course is designed to be taken in the first semester at CCBC. Students must provide an official transcript(s) from an accredited institution to document successful completion of college coursework for the ACDV 101 requirement to be waived.

** Prerequisite of MNGT 101 or coordinator permission.

***Prerequisite of ENGL 101.