High School Diploma Programs

Come to CCBC and complete your high school studies!

Students have the choice of taking classes to prepare to take the GED Exam or completing an assessment of prior learning (based on 67 criteria) towards earning a high school diploma.


A variety of classes are offered that will focus on the four subject areas of the GED Exam – Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math.
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GED - Essential Academic Skills (ASE/GED), CE Certificate

These classes help students who do not have their high school diploma improve their basic adult education skills – reading, writing and math – that are needed to prepare for and successfully pass the GED exam and earn their high school diploma.

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External diploma program (EDP)

Are you bogged down with family and work commitments and don’t think you have time to go back to school? The external diploma program (EDP) is an option for the more mature adult to earn a high school diploma. There is no classroom instruction involved. However, it requires the demonstration of both academic and functional life skills, including skills related to occupational preparedness. Learn more »

Information and pre-screening sessions are required: 

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For more information, call 443.840.1284 or visit the National External High School Diploma Program website.

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CCBC GED Exam Preparation 08.06.2019
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