Online Learning Course Assessment Policy

CCBC believes strongly in following Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, Title IV, Part H, Program Integrity, which stipulates that institutions that offer online education have a process to establish that a student registered for an online or blended course is the same student that participates in, completes and receives credit for the course. To that end, a minimum of 30% of the course grade must come from proctored authenticated assessment. This type of assessments may include, but are not limited to, exams (completed using either an online proctor or a CCBC approved proctor), debate, presentation, demonstration, recital, simulation, defending work, or use of video conference technology.

Students should to be aware that some courses will either require students to take exams at a testing center or require students have a webcam, microphone and special software to take online-proctored exams (software only is provided by CCBC). Students should email their instructor to learn about their specific requirements for assessments. General technical requirements are found online. Webcams may be purchased inexpensively from most electronics stores, but most laptops may have webcams and microphones. Mobile devices, such as phones and tablets cannot be used to complete proctored assessments. Additionally, should students need to take exams at a non-CCBC testing center, there may be fees charged at those remote locations. Fees often range from $15-$30 per exam.