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Center for Alternative and Supported Education

Classes for adults with learning differences and disabilities

For more than 50 years, CCBC has been changing lives by providing classes and career training options for adults with cognitive, developmental and mental health disabilities through the Center for Alternative and Supported Education (CASE).


  • Low student-teacher ratio. Our courses are specifically designed for special learners and are offered in a small, comfortable classroom environment.
  • Flexible locations. We offer classes at CCBC Catonsville, CCBC Dundalk and online. Students attending Dundalk classes can sign up for van transportation for an additional fee.
  • Unique learning experiences. Our students enjoy interactive, activity-based learning and connections between the classroom and real-world applications.

Build academic, pre-vocational, social and independent living skills

Classes can be taken individually and availability varies per semester. Below are examples of courses offered. Additional pre-requisites may apply.

  • Building Skills for an Independent Life
  • Computer Applications
  • Healthy Relationships and Social Skills
  • How Government Works - Participating as an Informed Citizen
  • Managing the Stress of Daily Life
  • Managing Your Money
  • Mathematics (Levels 1, 1.5, 2, 3)
  • Physical Fitness for Wellness and Stress Management
  • Reading (Intensive and Levels I, II, III)
  • Real World Math Applications
  • Sustainable Art: Creativity, Conservation, and Your Clean Community
  • Theater Techniques for Emotional Awareness and Stress Management
  • Video Game Design and Animation
  • Written Communication (Levels I, II, III)

Prepare for entering the workforce.

The following workforce programs are tailored to the needs of special learners and take anywhere from 9-15 weeks to complete.

How to enroll

Ready to get started with CASE? Your first step is to schedule an intake assessment with our staff. This will help us get a better understanding of your interests and learning needs. Contact us to schedule an intake assessment.

Contact us.


Center for Alternative and Supported Education