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Developmental Education

Foundational reading, English and math courses

At CCBC, we understand that each student learns differently. When you become a student, our advisors will work with you to determine your readiness for college-level math and English. In some cases, students will first take Developmental Education courses in reading, English and math to prep them for college-level learning.

Accelerated programs for Developmental Education

Our industry-recognized Developmental Education programs will get you college-ready in a fraction of the time!

Reading and writing

ACLT 053 and ENGL 101

The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) is designed to improve the percentage of ACLT 053 students who pass ACLT 053 and ENG 101. Under ALP, students whose placement is ACLT 053 enroll in designated sections of ENG 101.

These sections will be composed of 10 ALP students and 10 students whose placement is ENG 101. In addition, the same 10 ALP students will be enrolled in a designated section of ACLT 053 taught by the same instructor, which we call a companion course.

ACLT 053

Provides intensive instruction in critical thinking, reading and writing as will be required for English 101 and other 100-level courses. Using theme-based readings from a variety of genres, coursework will emphasize independent reading of complex academic texts, critical response to ideas and information in academic texts, and writing essays that integrate ideas and information from academic texts.


The Accelerated Math Program (AMP) has taken two consecutive courses and combined the content so that students are able to complete two courses within one semester. As long as students meet the prerequisites for the lower level, they can register for the AMP course pair without any restrictions.

Available course pairs:

Despite being independent in terms of schedule, grades and transcripts, students attend a six-hour per week course that spans a topic from the lower level to the higher level.

In general, students who enroll in an AMP course pair are more likely to complete their mathematics requirement and complete their educational goals.

Who is eligible?

Any student who places into the lower-level course (MATH 081, 082 or 083) may enroll in the AMP course pair. Students must register for both classes. For example, if your MATH placement is MATH 083, you are eligible to enroll in the MATH 083/163 AMP course pair and must register for both sections.

You can register in-person or online, as you would for traditional mathematics classes. AMP courses appear on the college class schedule. Make sure to add both course registration numbers (CRN) to your schedule when registering for the semester.

See if you qualify for Developmental Education courses.

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