Benefits of taking an honors course

  • Further develop students’ verbal and written communication skills.
  • Encourage independent discovery.
  • Foster analytical thinking and creativity.
They are not designed to require more work than standard courses. Instead these classes further challenge students by asking them to delve deeper into the subject matter. Writing is a significant part of each course.

Available courses

Fall 2024

Location CRN Course Name Course Description Instructor Day Time
Essex 92907 ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology Honors N. Brown TR 9:35-11:00 am
Essex  92051  ARTD 106  History of Art II Honors  J. Walton  TR  9:35-11:00 am 
Essex 91634 CMNS 101 Fundamentals of Communication Honors 
S. Trivane TR 11:10-12:30 am
Essex  91198 CSIT 101 Intro to Computers Honors (MW on-site; F asynchronous) A. Brown MW+ 10:10-11:05 am
Essex  93951  CSIT 111  Fund of Logic & Design Honors (MW on-site; F asynchronous)
A. Brown  MW+  11:15-12:10 pm 
Essex 91105 ENGL 101
College Composition I Honors (MW on-site; F asynchronous) E. Mantler MW+ 11:15-12:10 pm
Essex  92908  ENGL 101  College Composition I Honors  J. Jackson  TR 9:35-11:00 am 
Essex 93952 ENGL 102
College Composition II Honors  H. Harris TR 9:35-11:00 am
Essex  92909 ENGL 106  College Grammar Honors (remote scheduled) H. Harris TR* 2:20-3:40 pm
Essex  90713 ENGL 209 Creative Writing Honors C. Kizzier TR 11:10-12:35 pm
Essex  93392  ENGL 224 Literature by Women Honors (MW on-site; F asynchronous) A. Wilson MW+ 1:25-2:20 pm
Essex  92585 MATH 153 Statistics Honors T. Tingling MF
11:15- 12:35 pm
Essex   MATH 153 Statistics Honors 
11:15- 12:05 pm
Essex 92210 MATH 251 Calculus I Honors  A. Beiderman MWF 1:25-2:55 pm
Essex  93171 PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy Honors (MW on-site; F asynchronous)
N. VanHorn
MW+ 10:10-11:05 am
Essex  93953 PSYC 103 Human and Growth Development Honors  K. Howard TR  11:10-12:30 pm
Essex 93954 PSYC 207 Social Psychology Honors J. Carroll
TR 12:45-2:05 pm
Essex  93172  SOCL 101 Intro to Sociology Honors A. Pucino TR 12:45-2:05 pm
Essex  93393  WMST 224  Literature by Women Honors (MW on-site; F asynchronous)
A. Wilson  MW+  1:25-2:20 pm 
Dundalk    CMNS 101 Fundamentals of Communications Honors A. Chamberlain  TR 12:45-2:05 pm
ENGL 101 College Composition I Honors J. Trucker TR 11:10-12:30 pm
Dundalk    HUSC 104 Developing Cultural Proficiency in a Diverse World Honors T. Myer  R+ 3:55-5:15 pm
Dundalk    HLTH 101  Health & Wellness Honors J. Reed TR 9:35-11:00 am
Catonsville  92999  CMNS 101 Fundamentals of Communication Honors J. Caplan MWF 11:15-12:10 pm
Catonsville  93991  CSIT 101  Introduction to Computers Honors  P. Comet  TR 11:10-12:35 pm
Catonsville  93000  ENGL 101 College Composition I Honors M. Schutte TR 12:45-2:05 pm
Catonsville  90782  ENGL 102  College Composition II Honors  N. Cole-Leonard  TR  12:45-2:05 pm 
Catonsville  92984  ENVS 101  Introduction to Environmental Science Honors  W. Schockner  MWF 10:10-11:05 am
Catonsville  91846  ENVS 102  Introduction to Environmental Science LAB Honors   W. Schockner   F 1:25-4:20 pm 
Catonsville  93001  HIST 111 US History I Honors (M on-site; W remote synchronous) J. Ackerman  MW+  1:25-2:50 pm 
Catonsville  93992 HLTH 101 Health & Wellness Honors D. Holland MWF 9:05-10:00 am
Catonsville  93993 MATH 153 Statistics Honors
MWF 12:20-1:35 pm
Catonsville 93002 PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy Honors  M. Wilson T 5:45-8:40 pm
Catonsville  93385 POLS 111 Intro to Political Science Honors (remote synchronous)
J. Ackerman MW* 4:05-5:30 pm
Catonsville  90407  PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology Honors J. Lewis TR 9:35-11:00 am
Catonsville  93995 PSYC 103 Human Growth & Development Honors

TR 9:35-11:00 am
Catonsville  93996 SOCL 101 Introduction to Sociology Honors A. Washington  M 5:45-8:40 pm

The + sections are blended, meeting both on-site and asynchronously.
The * sections are remote scheduled —meeting at a scheduled time on Zoom or Microsoft Teams on the dates and times listed.

Please keep Wednesday from 12:15-1:15 p.m. available to attend Essex Honors events and meetings.

All Honors Program classes will operate in the on-site format unless otherwise specified. Learn more about our course formats»