Mellon Scholars Program

CCBC offers students interested in the humanities a unique opportunity for an enriched, dynamic academic experience in partnership with Johns Hopkins University.

Honors Program students who participate in the full Mellon Scholars program within a given academic year, including a lecture and a half-day symposium each semester, earn a $500 stipend upon completion. 


Eligibility criteria include the following:
  • Member of the Honors Program
  • At least 12 credit hours of completed or in progress coursework.
  • A GPA of 3.0+
  • Submission of application, transcript, faculty recommendation and essay.
  • Apply by October 1, 2021

How it works

Students selected to participate in the Mellon Scholar Program must complete the following virtual events to earn a $500 stipend:
  • Attendance at Mellon Scholars’ lecture series event each semester.
  • Participation in half-day symposium each semester.
  • Attendance at two virtual events and meetings per month.
Once verified, you will receive attendance credit toward the stipend. You will also receive a certificate of completion as a Mellon Scholar at the end of the academic year.

Questions about the Mellon Scholars Program can be directed to

Additional activities

Mellon Scholars Lecture Series

Each semester, the Mellon Scholars Lectures Series will hold specifically designated topical lectures. While CCBC may hold other lectures, only attendance at the Mellon Scholars designated lectures will be included in meeting the attendance requirement to earn the $500 stipend. The visiting Johns Hopkins University faculty member or scholar will give a 45-minute talk with questions to broaden perspective and understanding of what it means to be a Humanities scholar.

Questions about the Mellon Scholars Program can be directed to

Mellon Scholars Summer Research Experience

CCBC Honors Program members are eligible to apply for the selective Mellon Scholar Summer Research Experience, a 10-week paid residential program in partnership with Johns Hopkins University.

For more information, contact Murry Baskerville, Project Director - Mellon Foundation,

Mellon Grant Symposium

The Community College of Baltimore County and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) will alternate hosting a half-day symposium at the end of each semester. The mini-symposium focuses on a topic by scholars from the academic community who infuse their own research and experiences into the conversation.

Fall 2021 location

  • TBD

Spring 2022 location

  • TBD