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Academic Pathways

Pick your major, choose your pathway.

Based on the program you select, incoming CCBC degree, certificate and workforce training students are grouped into one of nine pathways.

No matter which area of study you choose, CCBC will support your success through special services tailored to your needs. These can include enhanced academic support services (course selection help, tutoring, supplemental instruction and study groups) as well as enrichment experiences such as clubs, field trips, service-learning opportunities and events with students who share your interests.

Explore 300+ programs in these categories…

Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

Our emphasis on creativity, collaborative work and critical thinking helps students live well and make a positive impact on the world. From our nationally accredited programs in the performing arts to our committed and talented faculty teaching mass communication, the Arts pathway provides wonderful opportunities for growth. We set you up with a strong understanding of global and social issues while supplying a solid foundation for advanced degrees and career success.

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Build your success.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit or the goal of managing a fast-paced business? Looking to pursue a career in accounting, finance, marketing or human resource management? Or maybe you have an interest in real estate, hospitality, or transportation, logistics and distribution. The Business pathway focuses on career training for students interested in entering the workforce after graduation in almost any business field. Many of the majors in the Business pathway also transfer to four-year institutions for further study.

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Learn to protect.

The Criminal Justice and Law pathway is designed to support students interested in the fields of law enforcement, homeland security, juvenile services, private security, parole and probation, or corrections and law. It is also the path for you if you want a career as a paralegal or legal assistant. Focused on career training for students interested in entering the workforce after graduation, many graduates of this pathway also transfer to four-year institutions for further study.

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Shape the future.

If you are considering a career in child care or teaching, the Education pathway is for you. Our childcare training prepares you to work in childcare settings, including schools, businesses, private households, and child care institutions. Our teacher education programs can get you to your goal whether you are just beginning a degree, are currently working as a teacher, or hold a bachelor's degree and are seeking certification or re-certification in the State of Maryland.

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Heal. Empower. Thrive.

If you want to be a nurse, or are interested in helping people live healthy, full lives – through massage therapy, radiography or any other health-related specialty – you belong in the Health Professions pathway. Designed for students seeking to enter the workforce, the Health Professions pathway offers associate degree, certificate and career training programs.

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Unleash your curiosity.

If studying communications, philosophy, literature, or American Sign Language sounds appealing, the Humanities pathway will suit you. Students in this community pursue a range of majors that deepen our understanding of what it means to be human while developing critical thinking and communication skills that transfer to any career. Humanities programs build a strong foundation that prepares students for transfer to pursue advanced degrees.

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Unlock wonders. Ignite your future.

If you're drawn to the wonders of the natural world or the patterns that run through it, math and science might be a good pick for you. In addition to general science and math associate degrees, the Mathematics and Science pathway offers concentrations and certificates in specialized fields, such as chemistry, physics, biology, meteorology, environmental science and horticulture. Up next? Math and science problem-solving at a four-year institution.

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Understand. Engage. Transform.

The social sciences focus on the study of people as individuals, communities and societies, and how they behave and interact with each other and their environments. The Social Sciences pathway includes a diverse collection of programs ranging from anthropology to human services counseling to women's studies. Pursue certificates and degrees that can get you to work or build a clear path for transfer to a four-year institution.

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Transform technology. Forge the future.

Our Technology and Engineering pathway can prepare you to play a role in the design, fabrication and operation of modern machines and structures. Whether you're interested in building and automotive technologies or lean toward computer systems or aviation, we have a program for you. We prepare for advanced degree studies, employment, career advancement or professional certification.

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General Studies

If you are among the many transfer students who enroll in our general studies program, our Academic Advisors will help determine what pathway(s) meet your needs based on your interests and longterm goals.