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Onstage, backstage. Do it all.

Academic Theatre

The Academic Theatre Program at CCBC accommodates students who wish to pursue further academic study in theatre, students who wish to pursue a career in professional theatre, non-theatre students who wish to take theatre arts electives and community members who wish to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the theatre.

You'll gain a global perspective of theatre's influence and place in history, train in large and small performing spaces and study with experienced faculty who are all working professionals. You'll also be able to participate in five academic productions each year, including the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. The associate degrees are designed to help you transfer to a four-year B.A. or B.F.A. degree program in Theatre.

CCBC is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.


Associate of Fine Arts

Associate of Arts

Meet our faculty!

CCBC's Theatre faculty provide students with exposure to a wealth of professional experience, real world guidance and artistic connections to help launch their careers in the world of theatre.

Maurice “Moe” Conn, MFA

G. Maurice “Moe” Conn holds an MFA in Scene Design and Technical Theatre.

Damon Krometis, MFA

Damon Krometis is a theatre teacher, director, and scholar based in Washington, DC. Before joining CCBC, he was an adjunct faculty member at...

Anne M. Lefter, PhD

Anne M. Lefter holds a BA in Theatre and English from the University of Minnesota and an MA and PhD in Theatre Studies from Cornell University.

Julie Lewis, MFA

Julie Lewis is a playwright, director and teacher. She received her BA in Writing Arts and Theatre from SUNY Oswego and her MFA in Playwriting from...

Terri Raulie, MA

Terri Raulie is an Assistant Professor in the Performing Arts and Humanities Department at CCBC.


CCBC's academic theatre offers performances throughout the year. Check out these upcoming shows!

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Past Productions

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Julie Lewis

Coordinator, Theatre

Damon Krometis

Coordinator, Theatre