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Critical thinking is more than just a buzzword!

At CCBC, Philosophy students will explore a variety of topics related to the human experience and will learn how to employ critical thinking skills for different contexts and purposes. By interweaving historical thinkers and theories, contemporary issues and ethical problems, and skills-based training in critical thinking, CCBC’s Philosophy program sets students up to be successful in both their personal and their professional lives.

Students studying Philosophy will acquire a variety of skills, such as:

  • Clarity of thought and communication
  • Effective reading, researching, and writing
  • Techniques of persuasive argumentation
  • An ability to question common beliefs, practices, and assumptions
  • An awareness of and a framework for resolving a variety of ethical issues
  • Tools to analyze, evaluate, and resolve problems

By studying philosophical theories, ethical issues, and critical reasoning, students will not only better prepare themselves for career advancement but will also become more humble and compassionate thinkers.

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Associate of Arts

Our transferable Associate of Arts degree prepares students to enter four-year Philosophy programs, as well as a wide range of four-year liberal arts programs.


The Philosophy program offers a variety of courses including:

Meet our faculty!

Get to know the instructors within the CCBC Philosophy Program.

Dr. Amir Salehi

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Nick VanHorn

Assistant Professor, Philosophy; Chair, Performing Arts & Humanities

Dr. Mike B. Wilson

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

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Dr. Mike B. Wilson

Coordinator, Philosophy