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Dive into a new language.

Learning another language has many benefits that are both practical and life-enhancing.

Speaking another language certainly helps world travelers, but more than that, language skills can make you a more competitive job-seeker.

The study of world languages expands one’s perspective on human experience and is key to understanding art, literature, music and culture. Many students also pursue learning a language to get in touch with their own cultural heritage.

Credit courses

Check out our course schedule to see what is offered.

Non-credit courses

Interested in learning a language for personal enrichment? We also offer non-credit courses through our School of Continuing Education.

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Rachele Lawton

Department Chair, ESOL and World Languages

Soumaya Benrahal

Associate Professor, World Languages

Frank Masel

Department Coordinator

Lauren Hetrovicz

Assistant Professor, World Languages

Sandra Mulryan

Associate Professor, World Languages