Communication Arts

The Communication Arts Department offers four popular programs: Communication and Media Studies, Digital Media Production, American Sign Language, and Interpreter Preparation. Whether you are looking to transfer to a four-year institution or obtain a credential to begin your career, the Communication Arts Department can meet your needs.

Our Communication and Media Studies program offers a variety of mass media courses such as journalism, public relations, film studies, and social media marketing, as well as discipline specific courses such as interpersonal, intercultural, and small group communication.

If you want to learn more technology –based skills in a hands-on studio environment, our Digital Media Production program offers contemporary courses in filming, editing, and producing film that will prepare you for an exciting career in the digital media industry.

Finally, if studying and interpreting language is more your interest, try our American Sign Language and Interpreter Preparation programs designed to prepare you for fluency in ASL, expose you to deaf culture, and ultimately prepare you to professionally interpret between ASL and English in a high paying, high demand career field.

The Communication Arts Department has highly qualified faculty members, many of whom have worked in their respective industries. We also have articulation agreements with area colleges to make transferring easier, place students in internship and service learning opportunities to build their resumes, offer degree and certificate options, and give students access to modern technologies, computer labs, and equipment necessary for quality learning. Check us out!