Digital Media Production, Associate of Applied Science

The Digital Media Production program was designed by industry leaders in television, film, journalism, and corporate video to train students in all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production.

Students learn how to analyze and understand the media around them, create media in many different formats, and how to manage the business and technology requirements of working in the media industry.

This program is designed for students interested in continuing their studies in digital media production to acquire the necessary skills for a job, or articulate into a four-year media program. It also prepares students who are currently working in the industry for job advancement by allowing students to update, or expand their digital media expertise. As more and more industries ask employees to be digital natives, this program supports employees in more traditional print based media to transition into the digital media environment. Students will gain hands-on experience by creating digital media projects, and their web portfolio using the latest camera, lighting, audio, and editing technologies.


Associate of Applied Science

Gain skills to become:

Production Assistant

Multimedia Journalist

Media Asset Manager


Media Writer

Social Media Assistant

Assistant Editor

Audio Visual Technician

Welcome Video

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Video by CCBC's Digital Media Production A.A.S.

'Forward" Thinking with Digital Media in 2018 - Welcome video with Professor Kendrick Kenney.

CCBC's Digital Media Production Program at a Glance

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Video by CCBC's Digital Media Production A.A.S.

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