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Membership at Fab Lab Baltimore

To use the Fab Lab, you must first take the Fab Lab Introduction class to learn basic safety and operating procedures.

After you take this course, you are certified on all of our equipment except for the CNC router. In order to use the CNC router, it is required that you take the CNC router applications course in addition to the Intro Course.

Course List


Fab Lab Baltimore uses a punch-pass system. Each user will pay by the day they use the Lab with multi-day packages available.

Lab Use Fees:
  • $10 per day full lab
  • $40 for 5 days full lab
  • $75 for 15 days full lab

Computer Use Fees:
  • $5 per day computer use
  • $15 for 5 computer days
  • $25 for 10 computer days
"Computer use" days are designated by the reservation type. If you reserve to use the computer, that is a "computer use" day. If you reserve a machine for the day, you are able to use a designated computer to adjust files. We recommend using computer days when you are learning the software available in the lab or solely working on files in the lab with no machine use.

Note: Faculty and Staff are exempt from paying lab and computer fees. See Lab Rules.

Private Workshops

We are able to host private certification workshops for faculty, staff, and student groups at a discounted rate alternative to the ConEd “Intro to Fab Lab” course. Please email the lab manager to inquire about these private workshops.

Lab Rules

  • Daily Usage Policies
  • Lab Safety Rules
  • Rules on Making in the Lab
  • Minors in the Lab
  • CCBC Faculty/Staff Usage