Air Traffic Control

CCBC offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and Certificate program in Air Traffic Control (ATC).

This degree is an approved FAA Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program. The ATC degree program is normally completed in 24 months utilizing state-of-the-art ATC and flight simulators. Our instructors are experienced Air Traffic Controllers working in the busy airspace in and around the Baltimore-Washington area.

Our Air Traffic Control-CTI degree program is one of only 30 aviation colleges selected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to train Air Traffic Controllers under the FAA Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program. Graduates of FAA CTI programs benefit from training designed specifically toward successful completion at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. Since 1997, the majority of the FAA Air Traffic Controller workforce has come from graduates of CTI-approved college and university programs.

Note: Graduation from an FAA-approved CTI program does not guarantee employment. The FAA makes the final decision based on its own eligibility criteria which includes medical qualification and security background checks.


Associate of Applied Science

How to apply to the Air Traffic Controller program

Enrollment in the CTI program is limited and eligibility criteria apply. Students will be accepted into this program on a provisional status their first semester. They will be fully accepted after the successful completion of introductory courses and other criteria are met.
  1. Apply to CCBC.
  2. Once accepted, take the placement tests for Math, English & Reading (students with prior college experience are exempt).
  3. Recommended: obtain an FAA Class II (pilot) Medical Certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner to make sure you meet FAA medical hiring standards.
  4. Meet with an Academic Advisor to evaluate your transcripts and determine what general education courses will transfer. 
  5. Register for classes. Review the schedule of classes and determine a schedule that works for you. Each semester, all aviation students will need to meet in-person with an aviation faculty member for advising and approval to register.