Sky-High Careers

The aviation industry employs approximately 12 million people in the US. Currently 2.5 billion passengers worldwide travel by air each year; this number is expected to pass 3 billion in the next decade.

The air cargo industry is also growing exponentially. The FAA projects that private and business air travel will expand in the next decade by 12%.

Air transportation is an integral part of the US and world economy.  Aviation contributes $ 1.5 trillion dollars to the US economy each year; this is 5.4% of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)! 

Business has evolved rapidly toward global markets and will continue to be dependent on air transportation. The aviation industry has shown rapid growth since the 1940s and this expansion is projected to continue. The need for aviation professionals continues to grow in all facets of aviation: management, maintenance, government and military, business, airport, airline, flight training, and air traffic control.

If you are interested in an exciting career in aviation, please use the links below to explore the many options available.