CCBC Academic Probation

CCBC reviews students’ academic progress at the end of each main enrollment period.

A student who is not making satisfactory progress is subject to academic probation or academic suspension. Support services are available throughout the semester and we encourage students who may be struggling to seek help sooner rather than later.

Understanding academic probation

Academic probation is the college’s official warning that a student needs to improve their academic performance. Students who fall below the Cumulative Grade Point Average listed below will be placed on academic probation.

 Total Hours Attempted  Minimum GPA Required
 12 - 18  1.6
 19 - 24
 25 -30
 31 - 36
 37 - 60

While on academic probation:

  • A student is encouraged to seek guidance from academic advisors before registering for further classes.
  • During the regular fall and spring semester, a probationary student may register for up to three courses for a maximum of seven credits.
  • During late start sessions or any single summer or winter sessions, a probationary student may register for up to two courses for a maximum of four credits.
  • A student on probation who wishes to register for additional course credits beyond these maximums must interview with an academic advisor and obtain written permission prior to registering.
  • To be removed from probation, a student must achieve the minimum cumulative GPA above.