How to perform a What If audit

Considering switching to a different program of study? A DegreeWorks What If audit will help you explore other programs and the courses you must take in order to earn your degree/certificate. To change your program of study, visit the Enrollment Services Center and fill out a change of information form. Before changing your program of study, it is strongly recommended that you speak with an Academic Advisor and the Financial Aid Office. Changing your program of study may affect the type and/or amount of aid you are eligible to receive. 
  1. Click on the What If section in DegreeWorks on the left hand side. 
  2. The What If menu will default to your currently declared degree and academic (catalog) year. To change your degree or academic year, select the correct option from the drop down box.
  3. Select a major from the major drop down box. Majors will be filtered based on the degree you have selected.
    • Example: If you want to select General Studies as your major, you must first select the Associate of Arts degree option. If Associate of Science is selected as the degree option, General Studies will not appear as a major option.
  4. If appropriate, select a transfer pattern from the concentration drop down box. Transfer patterns are not filtered based on the major or degree selected. Make sure the transfer pattern selected is available for the selected major.
  5. Click "Process What-If" to view your What If Audit.