Am I a good candidate for Prior Learning Assessment?

  1. Have I applied to CCBC and declared a major?
  2. Have I performed a DegreeWorks audit?
  3. I have been or I am currently a member of the armed forces.
  4. I am prepared to create a professional, college-level, written documentation of my learning.
  5. I have the time to commit to this project.
  6. I am prepared to pay the assessment fee.
  7. I am comfortable taking standardized exams.
  8. I have gained substantial knowledge through one or more of the following:
    • Full or part-time employment, or
    • Volunteer work, personal interests, informal study, cultural or artistic pursuits, independent study, or reading.
    • I have earned certifications and/or memberships in professional organizations.
    • I have participated in corporate training programs.
    • I can relate my prior work experience or learning to one specific CCBC courses.
    • I can document my learning through transcripts, work samples, awards, or proof of trade organization or industry credentials.

Please note: You must answer yes to questions 1 and 2 to qualify for PLA. If you were able to answer yes in 3 through 7 as well as some items under number 8 you may be a good candidate for PLA.