Pick a plan, earn rewards.

CCBC offers 4 optional pre-paid meal plans on the CCBC OneCard that will earn you Meal Rewards Bucks in the café.

You pay Meal Rewards Bucks Total value
$50 $5 $55
$100 $10 $110
$150 $25 $175
$200 $40 $240
Meal Rewards are non-transferable, non-refundable and will expire on June 1 of each calendar year. Upon withdrawal from school, all unspent Meal Rewards Bucks will be forfeited.

Purchase a meal plan by doing one of the following:


  • Login to the CCBC OneCard portal using your CCBC username and password.
  • Click “Add Cash” to load funds onto your OneCard using a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or a checking account (you will need your routing number and account number for this option).
  • Select “CCBC Meals” as the balance name, enter your email and the deposit amount and click “Continue.”
  • Select your payment method and complete your transaction.

Mobile App

  • In the CCBC OneCard mobile app, tap “Manage Account.”
  • Then tap “Account Control.”
  • In the options window, select deposit.
  • Follow the directions for Online payment above.


The CCBC Bursars office will accept cash payments for Prepaid Meal Plans. Check and credit card payments are accepted online or through the mobile app.  See instructions above.