What do web users want?

Web users are notoriously impatient. They want to find information and they want it now. Our visitors should not have to work hard to find their information; again, this goes back to keeping the content clear and concise.

If they are visiting for the first time, they will typically ask:

  1. What is this?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. Why should I be here?
  4. Where do I begin?
Users will leave if a website is difficult to use and navigate. Users will also leave if a website is hard to read or does not answer their question.

What do CCBC users want?

Prospective students want to be inspired. They want to know, “Why should I come to CCBC?” They will also want to know what our academic offerings include, the benefits of coming here, admissions information, cost, locations, campus life, etc.

Parents of prospective students will want to know about our safety, cost, financial aid, etc.

Current students want to access resources available to them, stay informed on all events and happenings, register for classes or perhaps get involved in student activities.

Alumni want to stay informed and connected to the CCBC community. They want to know that their involvement is valued and valuable.

Prospective employees are interested in understanding the CCBC culture, job opportunities and benefits of working here.

The public will want to understand our offerings and opportunities that are relevant to them. Such as any events that are open to everyone.