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Emergency and First Aid Resources

Your safety is our top priority at CCBC.

We offer a variety of resources to help you stay safe on campus and in the surrounding community.

Find a public safety call box or emergency phone.

There are outdoor public safety call boxes and indoor emergency phones at the following campus locations.

First aid services and equipment

Officers are trained in emergency first aid procedures and re-certified annually in CPR procedures. The 911 system will be notified in case of a medical emergency.

Find an automated external defibrillator (AED) or evacuation chair.

Emergency preparedness

Ensure your safety by learning how to respond effectively in critical situations. Learn tips and watch videos on handling severe weather, fire or explosions, active shooter scenarios, and robberies.

Emergency Procedures & Safety Tips

Public Safety Offices

CCBC Catonsville

  • Phone: 443.840.2534
  • Location:
    College Services Center, room 100
Map and directions

CCBC Dundalk

  • Phone: 443.840.2535
  • Location:
    Alvin and Mary Lloyd College Center (LOYD), room 124
Map and directions

CCBC Essex

Map and directions