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Male Student Success Initiative

Brotherhood. Scholarship. Progression.

Male students sitting by a fountain


The Male Student Success Initiative (MSSI) is dedicated to empowering men of color in their academic and professional journeys by providing diverse resources and opportunities.

Through a thoughtfully designed framework of programs, activities, and events, MSSI is committed to fostering an environment that supports, promotes, and advocates for the holistic well-being of men of color at CCBC.

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Build leadership skills and take advantage of unique career opportunities.

  • Paid internships: Students are eligible for paid internships with a variety of corporations, some of which are Fortune 200 companies. These experiences provide students with distinct academic and career advantages.
  • Student leadership: Students can participate in experiential leadership opportunities, learning how to become leaders through a hands-on approach.

Join a brotherhood of peers, faculty and staff who are dedicated to your academic and professional success.

  • MSSI-based classes: CCBC offers English and Math course sections with real-world learning experiences relevant to MSSI students.
  • MSSI-certified faculty: Our dedicated instructors work closely with students to provide them with the support each individual deserves and needs to succeed.
  • Success Mentors: Each student is connected with a mentor who provides dedicated support and networking opportunities. Success Mentors also connect MSSI students to campus-based support services such as counseling, financial aid and tutoring.

Explore the world and try new things with your MSSI cohort.

  • Cultural events and travel: Students participate in relevant and meaningful cultural activities. They also travel to and present at Male Summits and other events.
  • Skills-building workshops: Our workshops offer practical strategies and resources to enhance study techniques, time management and critical thinking abilities.
  • Career exploration: Students can attend career information sessions, career readiness workshops and other cohort-based activities.

Branden Burrows

Being part of these clubs has helped me tremendously in building connections and shaping my character over the past couple of years.

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Sunni L. Solomon

Director, MSSI Program

Jeffrey Wright

MSSI Assistant Director