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Anderson Jaggernauth

CCBC Graduate, General Studies, '19

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CCBC in three words: affordable, reliable and professional.

Anderson Jaggernauth started taking classes at CCBC as a dual enrollment student while he was a junior in high school. He graduated from CCBC – for the first time – in 2019 with an associate degree in General Studies. Because of CCBC’s affordability, he decided to return in 2021 to continue his education for an additional degree in Radiography.

“The cost of attending CCBC is unmatched, that’s why I keep coming back,” said Jaggernauth. “With the help from financial aid, plus scholarships and stipends, I was able to graduate in 2019 debt-free, compared to my friends who went to trade schools who are still working on paying off their student loans.”

Jaggernauth enjoys the flexible scheduling CCBC has to offer, and he has taken advantage of online classes during the pandemic. He said classes were both challenging and rewarding, and he learned many new skills as a remote learner, such as how to operate independently of a professor.

In addition to serving as one of CCBC’s Fresh Faces student ambassadors, Jaggernauth has been a part of the Honors Program, Mellon Scholars Program and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

“I wanted to become a Fresh Face at CCBC so I could connect with other students like myself who did not have the conventional story of knowing what they wanted to be after high school,” he said.

It’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities presented. Being involved in CCBC is essential for success beyond these four walls.