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Anne McLaughlin

CCBC Graduate, '78 | Distinguished Alumna, '18

At the CCBC Student Awards Banquet on May 8, 2018, CCBC Alumna Anne McLaughlin was named the 2018 Distinguished Alumni of the Year, posthumously. Her son Ian McLaughlin accepted the award on her behalf.

Profile photo of Ann McLaughlin

A 1978 graduate of CCBC Catonsville, Ms. McLaughlin went on to further her education by earning her Bachelor of Science in English from the University of Baltimore and her Master of Science in Education from Towson State University.

Throughout her 30-year career in the field of education, her roles ranged from administrator to faculty positions, in both early childhood settings and the Baltimore County Public School System. She taught in traditional school settings as well as non-traditional venues. For a period in her career, she focused on educating children and families with special needs and developmental delays, in addition to working with organizations that allowed her to teach families infected with HIV/AIDs, and families residing in homeless shelters.

During the course of her life, Ms. McLaughlin achieved significant career success. She served as the coordinator for Teacher Education at CCBC Essex, developing the next generation of educators, as her final position in the field of education. In this role, she taught a combination of Early Childhood Development and Special Education classes.

Ms. McLaughlin continued to support the mission of CCBC after graduation and throughout her career. She was a longtime financial supporter of CCBC’s fundraising efforts, supporting student scholarships at the college to assist future generations of college students achieve their academic goals. She also served for several years on the CCBC Alumni Association Board of Directors, showing her commitment to the alumni of the college through her leadership role as vice president of the Board.

A true servant leader, Ms. McLaughlin volunteered her time and resources to many community organizations and non-profits, which included the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Ms. McLaughlin will be remembered for the significant impact she made to improve the lives of so many students through her generous gifts of time, support, inspiration, and the countless hours and resources she gave to charitable causes, that forever changed the lives of so many.

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