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Dennis Seymour

CCBC Dean Emeritus, School of Business, Criminal Justice and Law, CCBC 2015 Distinguished Alumnus, CCBC (Catonsville Community College) Graduate 1970

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Dr. Dennis E. Seymour, CCBC Dean Emeritus, School of Business, Criminal Justice and Law, received the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award at the Student Awards Banquet on May 13, 2015, at the Valley Mansion. The 2014 Distinguished Alumna Beverly Vinzant presented the commemorative plaque.

Dennis E. Seymour, Ph.D., began as a student at then Catonsville Community College (CCC) from 1963 to 1970. It was a time Dr. Seymour jokingly refers to as “the seven-year plan,” but he considers it time well spent. He earned his Associate degree in Law Enforcement and a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology at the University of Maryland, respectively. However, Dr. Seymour didn’t stop there. He then went on to earn his Master of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Southwest University.

A CCBC Dean Emeritus of School of Business, Technology and Law, and retired professor, Dr. Seymour began his career at CCBC more than 40 years ago as an adjunct faculty, teaching criminal investigation, criminal law and constitutional law. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2015.

Prior to his tenure at CCBC, Dr. Seymour was employed by the Maryland State Police for 16 years as a trooper, instructor and organized crime investigator. He serves on many advisory committees and boards; including CCBC’s Academic Deans Senate, Baltimore County Public Schools Homeland Security committee, the Criminal Justice Advisory Board, the Native American Studies Advisory Board, the Maryland Commission for Indian Affairs Advisory Board and the CCBC New Beginnings Campaign - Hilton Mansion Renovation Committee. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and boating.

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