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Devin Clark

CCBC Student, Computer Science, Marie Lloyd & Ed Lamon Scholarship recipient

Devin Clark showing mobile phone, app developer

2020 was a milestone year for Baltimore City resident Devin Clark. He graduated from high school and started classes at CCBC – all in the midst of a pandemic.

While COVID-19 may have put a damper on his social life, it has not stopped him from focusing on his education and career goals.

The Computer Science major was accepted into other colleges and universities but ultimately chose CCBC because of its affordability. “I didn’t want me or my family to be stuck in student loan debt, so I opted to attend CCBC to receive an education for free,” said Clark, who received the Marie Lloyd & Ed Lamon Scholarship.

Clark sees CCBC as the first step to furthering his career as a software developer and engineer. “I’m learning the same thing I would be learning at a four-year college, but without all the costs,” he said. “Having an associate degree will allow me to earn a higher pay, and it gives me the option of continuing my path to earn a bachelor’s degree.”

The flexibility of CCBC’s courses enabled Clark to maintain a work-life balance while earning his degree. Even though his classes were online, Clark liked that he could connect with his teachers on video meetings. “The majority of the faculty that I have met are really kind and are willing to help you,” he said.

The networking opportunities at CCBC are endless.

Becoming one of CCBC’s Fresh Faces student ambassadors let Clark have fun as a student-model while also being able to spread awareness about CCBC and all of its offerings to his peers: “It’s important to get involved anywhere you go because you don’t know who is in the same room as you. CCBC connects students with many internship opportunities, and they also invite notable speakers to campus who can help you with your career path."

Clark was impressed with the variety of transfer options available to him, and after graduating from CCBC with his associate degree, he plans to transfer to a four-year university to complete his bachelor’s degree in computer science.