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Eric Zuniga

CCBC Student, Business Administration, '24

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CCBC in three words: Built for success.

Eric Zuniga lived his whole life in Dallas, Texas, but decided to come to CCBC when the baseball coach for CCBC Dundalk offered him an athletic scholarship. “It was the best opportunity for me to continue my baseball and academic career. I had read online about how highly rated the community college is, so that made me want to come here,” he said, even though it was far away.

Being able to receive a quality education that was affordable and continue to play baseball was a big accomplishment for Zuniga. “I never thought I would receive an athletic scholarship. I worked very hard, and I’m grateful that CCBC gave me that opportunity.” His baseball scholarship and a CCBC grant have made it possible for him to pay for most of his tuition and avoid college loan debt. “I think that CCBC is very affordable for anyone looking to get a quality education. And there are tons of scholarships on the CCBC website to apply for.”

Zuniga chose to major in Business Administration because he likes working with numbers. “Being a baseball guy, I was always fascinated with how numbers, stats, and businesses go into Major League Baseball. I like the uncertainty of how businesses are run; I like the challenge of it.” He has learned a lot at CCBC so far thanks to courses that are designed to encourage one-on-one interactions with the professors.

He said, "everybody here at the Dundalk campus is great." He has one teacher in particular who he looks to as a mentor. “My teacher, Christine Mirbaha, has been helpful to me and I can go to her for advice and to talk.” He adds, “The public safety officers are good people."

Everyone here is friendly and helpful. The teachers are there for you whenever you need extra help, and the instruction is exceptional.

The flexibility and how course schedules are managed at CCBC allow Zuniga time in the afternoon and evening for practice, workouts, or extra studying. He plays baseball for CCBC Dundalk Lions, which has helped shape his college experience in a big and positive way. “Since I wear Dundalk baseball gear, I feel like I am representing not only myself but also the school of CCBC Dundalk and the coaches and players who have been a part of the team in the past history. Representing something that is bigger than me gives me motivation to put in my best effort in what I seek to accomplish.”

Zuniga has seen first-hand how being involved can open up new opportunities and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. “I like how the culture is brought out, and the diversity can allow you to express who you truly are. It’s a judgment-free zone,” he said.

Zuniga plans on transferring to a four-year university near his home state of Texas after graduating with a Business Administration degree from CCBC. “Playing baseball professionally somewhere after my college career is my goal.” He also wants to do data analytics for a Major League Baseball team, where he hopes to work with the players on strategies to help improve their game and also work with the front office on what could help the team win.

Zuniga's words of advice for anyone considering community college: “CCBC can change the trajectory of your life while saving a lot of money and receiving a quality education. This can be the best decision of your life. It has been for me!”

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