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Melanie Judd

CCBC Graduate, Civil Engineering, '22

Melanie Judd

CCBC in three words: admirable, innovative and community.

Melanie Judd enrolled at CCBC after taking classes at another college that just didn’t fit her needs. In addition to working full-time as a project engineer and taking classes, the Civil Engineering major is also the caregiver to her older brother, a disabled veteran.

CCBC’s flexible schedule and financial aid opportunities are what made CCBC the perfect choice for Judd.

“I have received several scholarships and grants while attending CCBC, and what this has meant for me is indescribable,” she said. “Going to school is an additional expense that is nearly impossible to work into my budget. The scholarships and payment plans are amazing. I wouldn’t be able to attend college without CCBC’s assistance.”

Flexible course options and availability allowed Judd not to miss a beat while juggling work, school and home responsibilities. And her professors were an important part of her journey.

“The faculty I have had were beyond amazing, knowledgeable and effective,” she said.

I have incorporated lifelong lessons from all of my professors into my daily life. Most of my courses exceeded my expectations. CCBC breaks the stigma of attending a community college, and I am a proud representative.

It was important to Judd to take advantage of the opportunities offered at CCBC, so she decided to become one of CCBC’s Fresh Faces student ambassadors. She used the position to get more involved with her classmates and the community and spread the word that no matter how busy life may get, anyone can achieve their goals at CCBC.

“Utilize every opportunity you can and use them as stepping stones to build your future,” said Judd. “Getting my associate degree before transferring will prove that I can manage college life. CCBC has more than prepared me for my future educational goals, and it has made a huge impact on my life!”

After earning her associate degree at CCBC, Judd plans to transfer to the University of Maryland to work on a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, enabling her to further her career.

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