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Nicole Beeson

CCBC Alumna, Nursing

Profile photo of Nicole Beeson

Nicole Beeson began pursuing nursing at CCBC. Now the senior health care executive is helping other students pursue their nursing careers.

If you look at Nicole Beeson’s resume, you can easily see she is well-educated with an accomplished career. Beeson, MBA, MSN, RN, senior vice president of Patient Care Services at the University of Maryland Saint Joseph’s Medical Center (UMMS SJMS), holds many letters behind her name. However, she is quick to share that her academic journey and path to becoming a health care executive began at CCBC.

While searching for a career that allowed her to help people, Beeson stumbled upon CCBC’s Weekend Nursing program. She thought it was the perfect fit for her circumstances.

“I was unexpectedly faced with caring for my three small children on my own,” said Beeson. “CCBC’s Weekend Nursing program gave me the flexibility to care for my children and take classes on the weekend."

CCBC was exactly what I needed during that time in my life.

Describing her CCBC experience as “phenomenal,” Beeson felt at home surrounded by like-minded students, many like herself who needed the weekend program due to family and work obligations.

“I was surrounded by a wide breadth of people who were committed and knew why they were there,” said Beeson. “Many of them had full-time jobs and if it wasn’t for CCBC’s weekend program, they wouldn’t have been able to pursue a career in nursing.”

After completing CCBC’s program, Beeson’s career continued at a steady pace. She entered the University of Maryland Medical System as an RN and never looked back. She went so far as to earn a dual master’s in nursing and an MBA. Each step of the way, UMMS provided financial support which eased her path.

“I just kept moving forward,” said Beeson, “I didn’t really know my destination. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I absolutely adored my time at the bedside. I didn’t make an initial decision to move from bedside into leadership. Things just fell into place.”

While today Beeson sits in an executive office, she never forgets her humble beginnings. She’s been actively involved in a partnership involving UMMS SJMS, CCBC, and Baltimore County government, where students from under-resourced communities can earn their CNA at CCBC at no cost with a guaranteed position at SJMS after successfully completing the program. The students can continue to earn their LPN, also at no cost, with the support of SJMS.

“Our hope is to create a sense of community around this group of students and watch them rise together,” said Beeson. “That’s what happened to me at CCBC.”

Beeson is a testament of how this opportunity could change the trajectory of the students’ lives. Her life path is a true reflection of the CCBC “See what you can be” mantra.

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