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Philemon Phalwas

CCBC Student, Dental Hygiene

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CCBC in three words: inclusive, practical and memorable.

Ever since graduating from high school in 2017 and becoming a registered dental assistant, Philemon Phalwas has had a passion for dentistry. Encouraged by one of the dentists he worked for, he enrolled in classes at CCBC in 2020 and started the Dental Hygiene program at CCBC Dundalk in 2021.

Phalwas, who attends CCBC while working full-time at a dental practice, chose CCBC because it offers a flexible schedule while also being affordable.

“The cost of attending college plays a huge role in your overall college experience,” said Phalwas. “When making the decision, you need to find a balance of new experiences, quality education and low costs. CCBC provides me with just the right balance to achieve a debt-free degree.”

Phalwas, who was born in India, loves the diverse community at CCBC, and he says that the faculty are committed to seeing him succeed.

“Faculty play a vital role in creating a positive learning environment and being professional role models in the development of knowledge, skills, and attitude in students, and I can proudly say the faculty at CCBC do just that,” he said.

He believes that it is important to get involved at CCBC, and he wanted to become one of CCBC’s Fresh Faces to gain new experiences, develop new skills and inspire others.

“I love the diverse community that makes up CCBC as a whole,” said Phalwas. “The students are very ambitious, which allows you to surround yourself with people who strive to be the very best at whatever they apply themselves to. That helps create a bond with the people you go to college with, and it truly is something special.”

To students who may be struggling, Phalwas offers some advice based on his experience.

“As the weeks and months begin to fly by, you will find your routine, and things will get easier,” he said.

Find a mentor or someone you can confide in, whether it’s a classmate, someone from the upper class or even an instructor. Don’t hesitate to ask for tips or tricks because they might have some ideas that you haven’t thought of to make your program easier.

After graduating from CCBC’s Dental Hygiene program, Phalwas plans to apply to dental school and obtain his D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery).

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