Reducing Roadblocks to College Access and Completion

CCBC students are working with their instructor in a group discussion

By building bridges from High School to College, creating innovative tools for student success and providing greater access through scholarships and special initiatives, we are helping students reach their education and career goals.

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Strengthening Maryland’s Workforce

CCBC receives hands on training

To meet today's workforce challenges, more than 250 small and large businesses and organizations annually turn to CCBC as the training partner they can trust.

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Serving the Local Community

CCBC community theater performance of Hairspray

CCBC is an integral part of Baltimore County and its communities, partnering with government, business and local civic organizations to enrich and serve the local community.

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Impact of Giving to CCBC

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Every gift extends the reach of our mission and vision helping to transform the lives of our students.

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Ways to Give

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There’s still much to be done. You can help us create new beginnings for generations to come by making a gift.

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Get Involved

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Alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the institution give of their time, talent and resources to the New Beginnings: The Campaign for CCBC.

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