Credit & Continuing Education Options for All Students

CCBC provides language classes for students at every learning level.

Whether someone wants to become fluent or know just enough to travel, CCBC has a class that can help you achieve your goals. Learning another language can also be a great way to enhance job opportunities and keep your brain active. Whatever your goal, we have the right class for you.

Credit World Languages

Language for College and Careers

  • Levels include Introductory 1 & 2 and Intermediate 1 & 2
  • These classes satisfy the general education diversity requirement and can be transferred to four year institutions.
  • Learning a language can help your resume stand out and give you intercultural opportunities
Interested in enrolling in World Language credit courses? Contact an Academic Advisor. Learn about the process to register for classes and how to get started.

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Continuing Education World Languages

Languages for Life Enrichment and Careers

CCBC has 20 different languages to choose from with courses Beginning to Advanced. Whether you want to learn a little French from your trip to Paris or become fluent in Mandarin, we have a class for that.

Search and register for a Continuing Education world language class.

Being bilingual can open up opportunities to more jobs and promotions, as well as enrich your life by adding a whole new dimension to cultural understanding. Our programs cover speaking, listening, reading and writing, with an emphasis on communication skills.

Tuition and fees are charged for every course. Although there is no financial aid, individuals over 60 get free tuition.

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