Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management provides a seamless network of services for students from inquiry through graduation and beyond.

CCBC’s Admissions, Call Center, Enrollment ServicesFinancial Aid, International Student Services, Registrar's and Veterans Services offices work together to provide a streamlined enrollment experience for students.

Theresa Carr

Dean, Student Services, Enrollment Management
CCBC Essex
Phone: 443.840.3121
Email: tcarr@ccbcmd.edu

Charlene Cooper
Director, Enrollment Services, Enrollment Services Center
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.4732
Email: ccooper6@ccbcmd.edu

Diane Drake
Director, Admissions
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.4392
Email: ddrake@ccbcmd.edu

Rahsaan Kelley
Director, Call Center and Information Services
CCBC Essex
Phone: 443.840.2707
Email: rkelley@ccbcmd.edu

Lynn MacLaughlin
CCBC Essex
Phone: 443.840.1191
Email: lmaclaughlin@ccbcmd.edu

Virginia Zawodny
Director, Financial Aid
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.4707
Email: vzawodny@ccbcmd.edu