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Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management provides a seamless network of services for students from inquiry through graduation and beyond.

CCBC’s Admissions, Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, and International Student Services offices work together to provide a streamlined enrollment experience for students.

Our admissions team manages recruitment, outreach and application assistance for prospective students.

Aaries Coleman
Director, Admissions
CCBC Catonsville

Our Early College Access Programs help high school students jump-start their college career through dual enrollment and other initiatives.

Jaime Bell
Director, Early College Access Programs
CCBC Essex

Our Financial Aid office helps students apply for, access and manage financial aid to pay for college.

Virginia Zawodny
Director, Financial Aid
CCBC Catonsville
Phone: 443.840.4707

The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining student records, enrolling students and ensuring that they meet graduation requirements.

Lynn MacLaughlin
Senior Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar
CCBC Essex
Phone: 443.840.1191

Brian Hammond

Dean, Enrollment Services