Project Evaluation

Evaluation of ASSERT includes both formative and summative analyses. To assess effectiveness of this project, accomplishments are measured against mandatory objectives and identified activities focusing on process, product, and impact.

The evaluation plan aims to:
  1. Assess accomplishments relative to measurable objectives and performance indicators;
  2. Measure the effectiveness of accomplishments relative to overall project goals; and
  3. Determine the impact of accomplishments in achieving long-range institutional self-sufficiency.

The evaluation plan requires regular and ongoing internal collection and analyses of data. Baseline data is provided by key institutional areas, thus allowing for mid-course corrections during the year. The evaluation plan reports on objectives and performance indicators with recommendations to increase impact, if warranted.

A summative evaluation of impact conducted by the Title III team with the independent evaluator assesses achievements of the year and effect on key institutional problems to be addressed by the Project.