• Group of CCBC honors students pose for a picture outside on campus

Honors Program launches $300K for 30Y campaign

Join CCBC on the journey to raise $300,000 for Honors Program scholarships by 2018 – the year of the Honors Programs’ 30 th anniversary.

The Honors Program at CCBC promotes academic excellence in students who are both highly motivated and intellectually curious. Distinguished by their willingness to question the “givens” of life, Honors students thrive in CCBC’s specially designated Honors courses and learning communities.

“For nearly 30 years, the Honors Program has worked to recruit, challenge, and advise highly motivated, capable students, most of whom have gone on to great success at the four year school and beyond,”says Rae Rosenthal, Lead Director, CCBC Honors Program.  “In honor of our upcoming 30 th anniversary, we are trying to raise $300,000 for honors scholarships.  By giving to our campaign, you will be supporting our hard working, high achieving honors students and helping them to reach their academic goals.” 

There are several ways to give to the “$300K for 30Y” campaign. Donations can be made directly to the CCBC Foundation Website set up specifically to support the campaign. Donations can be made painlessly by shopping on Amazon utilizing Amazon Smile AND selecting the Community College of Baltimore County Foundation, Inc. A gift will automatically be donated to the Honors Program at CCBC on every qualifying purchase. And, t-shirts and sweatshirts promoting the   “$300K for 30Y” can be purchases (how) with all proceeds going toward the campaign.

So, join the journey and donate today!