Affordable tuition makes CCBC a great choice for students. However, some students continue to struggle with the financial obligations associated with college. That is where the generosity of donors steps in.

CCBC is fortunate to have a network of donors who believe in the college’s mission and give generously to help ease the financial burden for students. At the annual CCBC Donor Appreciation Luncheon, both generosity and gratitude were on full display as donors and student scholarship recipients gathered. For some donors, it was the first time meeting scholarship recipients. For students, they had a chance to personally offer heartfelt thanks for the opportunity the scholarships afforded them.

Azaria Gallo, scholarship recipient, student leader and student speaker at the luncheon, expressed his gratitude for the significant difference CCBC scholarships have made in his life.

“Scholarships do so much for students,” said Gallo. “They do more than provide financial support; they make you feel like you can truly achieve your goal of earning a degree. Scholarships give you the gift of time, because you don’t have to work and you can concentrate on your studies.”

Roy Sachs, donor of the Roy Sachs Scholarship Fund, represented scholarship donors and shared his remarks on why he made a commitment to providing scholarship opportunities for CCBC students.

“I started an endowment at CCBC because I knew the impact it would make,” said Sachs. “Starting an endowment at CCBC would be like tossing a boulder into a bath tub. I knew it would create more than just a trickle.”

Because of the generous support of its scholarship donors, the CCBC Foundation awarded 1,196 during the 2016 academic year for a total of $538,185. The average scholarship was $450. With a growing need for scholarship assistance, the Foundation continues to create and seek scholarship funding opportunities for CCBC’s student population.