• Early college access promotion with a female student sitting in class

Participation in CCBC’s Early College Access programs is steadily climbing, reporting a 23 percent enrollment increase over the previous term.

While the program is available to all high school students – private, public and home-schooled – Baltimore County Public School students make up 72 percent of the Early College Access student population.

Early College Access programs allow high school students to earn college credits while still in high school. Students can take their earned credits and apply them toward a CCBC associate degree or transfer them to another college. Credits can also be applied toward a CCBC credit certificate or workplace certification.

A major benefit of Early College Access programs is the cost: students can take courses at half of CCBC’s regular tuition cost.

CCBC had 2,000 Early College Access enrollments over the last academic year, with three-quarters of them coming from Baltimore County Public Schools. The BCPS Tuition-Free Program, in which eligible BCPS juniors and seniors can take up to four classes tuition-free, along with other Early College Access programs has shown a 13 percent increase in participation.

“It is hard to beat the value offered by CCBC’s Early College Access programs,” said CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis. “Students save time while their families save money. It is the perfect combination. Many enter college with a semester or two of college coursework already completed. ”