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Dr KurtinitisDear Friends,

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At CCBC’s June 4 commencement ceremony, I greeted more than 900 students as they walked across the stage to receive well-earned credentials. My sense of pride grows each year, knowing CCBC has made a significant difference in so many student lives.

The simple fact that they have earned an associate degree or certificate has already placed these graduates on a path to success. Their earning potential has increased; they are more apt to succeed at a four-year college; and they are better prepared to enter the workforce. I salute the members of CCBC’s Class of 2016 and wish them well as they embark upon the next chapters in their lives.

I also proudly announce that CCBC has welcomed six new trustees to the CCBC Board of Trustees this spring. Each brings a wealth of knowledge, along with fresh perspectives that will keep CCBC moving forward. Appointed by Governor Hogan, trustees each serve a five-year term. I hope you will join me in welcoming Gayle Johnson Adams (Essex), Gerald Gietka (Timonium), Erness Abron Hill, (Reisterstown), Richard Manski (Reisterstown), Mary Margaret O’Hare (Parkville) and Richard Yaffe (Owings Mills).

In addition to welcoming new trustees, CCBC is honoring 13 former and recently retired trustees with the status of Trustee Emeritus. The five outgoing trustees are Dorothy Foos, H. Scott Gehring, Linda Goldberg, Warren Hayman and Barbara Kerr Howe (chair). These trustees did a tremendous job of guiding, leading and supporting this institution and the communities we serve over the past ten years. In addition, eight former trustees have met the requirements for the new honor of Emeritus Trustee: Evelyn Brunner, Aurelia Burt, Regina Carson, Elayne Hettleman, Francis Kelly, Thomas Lingan, Cecile Myrick and Edward Parker.

Finally, I wish all of you a pleasant summer. And to keep in touch with us during that time, you can always connect with us on our college Twitter site @CCBCMD or on mine @DrK_CCBC.

Best regards,

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Sandra Kurtinitis