A message from the president

Dr KurtinitisDear Friends,

As quiet summer campuses give way to bustling centers of activity during the fall, CCBC is transformed – energized by busy classrooms and eager students, starting afresh. This is one of my favorite times of the year.

We all enjoy welcoming students to CCBC. Many are first-time college students, enthusiastic about starting a new journey, yet nervous about what lies ahead. Others are returning students, committed to finishing what they started while juggling jobs, family obligations and a full course load. Our students are as varied as the programs we offer, but in many ways they are much the same.

CCBC’s student body can be compared to a patchwork quilt. The pieces may visually differ, but all share a common thread. Each student comes to CCBC to claim his or her own version of success: a degree, workplace certification, transfer, or the desire for personal growth.

Our CCBC faculty and staff do their best to meet students where we find them, providing them with the appropriate education, training and resources to get on the right path. We work as a team to help them stitch together classes, schedules and financial aid. Our goal is to prepare them to achieve their own goals.

As you read this edition of CCBC Today, know that each new initiative, accolade or event is designed to strengthen our programs and improve student outcomes. Helping students succeed is at the root of everything we do.

Last year, out of the 63,000 students who attended CCBC, 13,549 of them achieved one of those goals. We pride ourselves on preparing students to leave us as successful, confident graduates, ready to move on toward a bachelor’s degree or a career. How lucky are we; their success is our success.

Best regards,

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Sandra Kurtinitis