A message from the president

Dr KurtinitisDear Friends,

At CCBC, we think of the months leading up to our June commencement as the best times of the academic year. During that time we find multiple ways to celebrate students and their impressive achievements. We also make a special effort to celebrate the faculty and staff who support these students both in and out of the classroom all year long. And before June is over we also take time to honor the special friends who volunteer to serve as Trustees, Foundation Directors, Advisory Board members, and so on.

As this is the year in which we are celebrating our Diamond Jubilee, the pride we feel in celebrating accomplishments assumes an even larger dimension. In 60 years our college has achieved astounding growth, growth that has a significant impact on the county, on the region and on the state.

From our oldest campuses’ humble beginnings in 1957 to the economic powerhouse that CCBC has become today, one thing remains the same: the college’s mission of open access translates into its passionate commitment to student success.

When 3,000 new graduates received their diplomas in the spring, they joined the hundreds of thousands of students who have passed through CCBC’s classrooms over the past 60 years. That means thousands of nurses, engineers, plumbers, dancers, apartment maintenance workers, computer technicians, etc. The list goes on and on. These graduates are our gift to our communities. It is this extraordinary impact that we celebrate at this time of year in the afterglow of another academic year successfully completed. In gratitude for the satisfaction we get to savor at year’s end, we thank the thousands of CCBC professionals who came before us. Upon their dedication and hard work, we have built the CCBC we are today. We named our Strategic Plan CCBC 2020: A College on the Cutting Edge. That’s not just a title; that’s a commitment.

Best regards,

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Sandra Kurtinitis