Number of BCPS students taking CCBC courses increases significantly

May 28, 2015

Early College Access programs have seen growth of nearly 50 percent

The number of Baltimore County Public High School students taking courses at CCBC has significantly increased over the last two years – showing growth of nearly 50 percent. Early College Access programs – the umbrella term for the variety of options high school students have for earning college credit – can mean significant savings for students as they move forward toward earning a college degree.

Overall, the number of students participating in CCBC Early College Access programs increased by 46 percent from fall 2013 to fall of 2014. Growth from spring 2014 to spring 2015 was 49 percent.

Included among these Early College Access opportunities is the Parallel Enrollment Program, where most high school students pay half tuition to take college credit courses at CCBC. Under the College 4 Free program – which has seen more than 70 percent growth in participation since it started in late 2013– Baltimore County public high school students can take up to four classes absolutely free, paying only for fees and books.

Learn more about the college’s Early College Access programs and get a jump start on your college education.