Bachelor’s by way of associate

Attending CCBC cuts cost for completing bachelor’s degree.

With the rising cost of college, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking for ways to cut costs. One of the smartest ways to cut the cost of earning a degree is to start with CCBC.

Tuition at CCBC pales in comparison to local public and private four-year colleges. Save thousands of dollars by earning an associate degree at CCBC and then transfer to a four-year college of your choice. Your CCBC degree guarantees you admission to any school in the University of Maryland System plus it opens the door to many transfer scholarship opportunities.

So, what’s the smart choice? Pay $3,500 for a year at CCBC or pay $20,000 or more per year at a public university or up to $60,000 per year at a private university. Do the math!