A grand opening of mathematical proportion!

Math and science students enjoy impressive new learning space at CCBC Catonsville.

The opening of the Mathematics and Science Hall at CCBC Catonsville was greatly anticipated and in the end, it did not disappoint. This modern building, wrapped in zinc metal panels which frame the planetarium offers students an airy lobby, built-in benches for extra seating and classrooms and labs that rival any four-year institution.

Located in the heart of the campus, the $39.7 million facility, at nearly 100,000 square feet, incorporates the space that formerly housed the campus library and its adjoining parking lot. Built to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, the Mathematics and Science Hall features an atrium-style lobby, six large general classrooms, 12 laboratories, numerous faculty offices and an abundance of study and support spaces for students.

The Mathematics and Science Hall also houses an enlarged and improved planetarium. With a seating capacity of 72, features of the new planetarium make it possible for faculty to show commercial full-dome digital programs or create programs of their own. New systems and software also allow CCBC to expand its range of shows for school groups and the general public.

“STEM careers are definitely fueling the regional economy. And, it’s important for our STEM students to have access to the equipment and resources necessary to make them competitive,” said CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis. “Not only is this building equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, there is also a Mathematics Center where students can receive individualized or group tutoring to advance them academically. I think the students will appreciate the detail that went into the design of this building. It’s a great space for our students to learn as well as congregate.”