Smooth move

CCBC articulation and transfer agreements save students time and money

With the sticker price of college tuition steadily rising, thoughts of pursuing a bachelor’s degree may seem like a lofty goal. The Institute for College Access & Success states the average student loan debt is $28,400. But, don’t despair.

CCBC offers an economical pathway to a bachelor’s degree. By taking advantage of the college’s articulation agreements and transfer services the transition to a four-year university can be smooth and painless.

With tuition at CCBC nearly half the cost of four-year universities, earning a bachelor’s degree by way of CCBC can save tons of money. Plus, if students follow the agreements according to plan, they benefit by completing their coursework sooner and with more money in their pockets.

So, make the smart move and start your journey toward earning a bachelor’s degree by first enrolling at CCBC!