Lights, camera, audio, video, post-production...

It’s all part of the sophisticated work of digital media production professionals, who are getting their start at CCBC

If you have ever listened to a podcast or watched a music video, television commercial, or even a corporate sales video, you’ve experienced the work of digital media production professionals. Their job is to create programs that document, entertain and inform – in a way that’s appealing and effective, yet so seamless that viewers focus on the content and not the production process.

CCBC’s new Digital Media Production program gives students the 21st century skills they need to serve the sophisticated needs of today’s companies and businesses. With training and hands-on experience with video cameras, lighting equipment, audio equipment and editing software, students are ready to seek communication jobs in a multitude of broadcast and non-broadcast industries.

“A signature part of the program is the focus on original content. Students are guided to find their voice and create a body of work they can publish online,” said Mumtaj Ismail, CCBC Digital Media Production program coordinator. “At the end of the program, a culminating capstone course ensures students take the content they have created and design a professional website to showcase this original work.”

This provides students the opportunity to promote themselves for transfer to a four-year institution, or seek employment as a professional in the industry.

“As a filmmaker, this program has helped me increase my knowledge and skills in creating media from pre-production to post-production," said CCBC student Ken Jiretsu. "I would highly recommend the Digital Media Production program at CCBC for anyone who is passionate about media production and filmmaking.”